Best Office Chair Brands in India 2020 Top 8 Brands List

Serial NoCompany Name
1 Urban Ladder
2 Godrej Interio
3 Featherlite
4 Green Soul
5 CellBell
6 Cello
7 Pepperfry
8 Nilkamal

Best Office Chair Brands in India 2020 Video

Best Office Chair Brands in India 2020 Video

Introduction: This blog contains a list of Top 11 Best Office Chair Brands in India 2020 For any business whenever retail store, backend office, shopping mall a comfortable chair is a must, with increasing computer-related jobs the overall demand for office chairs has enhanced, there are two types of chairs plastic and leather only.

1 Urban Ladder:

Best Office Chair Brands in India Urban Ladder
Urban Ladder Logo

Urban Ladder is an online eCommerce website which sells furniture and home decor products in more than 75 cities in India with operating 3 stores in Bangalore, this website was introduced in the year 2012 by two founders Ashish Goel and Rajiv Srivatsa both of them worked in different companies Ashish Goel was appointed as CEO of Amar Chitra Katha and Rajiv Srivatsa have served yahoo Cognizant an America based IT Company.

But you may be thinking why Urban Ladder is one of the Best Office Chair Brands in India it is due to the following facts

It has been able to raise total funding of $U77 million till now from various companies including Kalaari Capital, SAIF Partners, Steadview Capital, etc.

Urban Ladder is currently selling its products on both online and offline platforms and even online portals Flipkart and Amazon Source

2. Godrej Interio

Best Office Chair Brands in India Godrej Interio
Godrej Interio Logo

Godrej Interio is another famous furniture manufacturing brand operating in India according to its main website Godrej supply furniture requirements for home and office both.

The brand started doing business of Storwel cupboard around 80 years ago with ongoing time company is maintaining product lines of various goods. the company focuses on distributing comfortable and quality furniture at a low cost.

Godrej Interio’s success can be observed as it has 52 wholly-owned stores and a network of 800 dealers across India. due to this Godrej is included in my blog of Best Office Chair Brands

3. Featherlite

Best Office Chair Brands in India Featherlite
Featherlite Logo Best Office Chair Brands

This brand is my personal recommendation because I have used one the chairs of Featherlite in my office, This company was started in 1965 and focus only supplying office related furniture which includes office chairs, visitor chair, office table, and cubic workstation.

Featherlite is the best know for providing comfortable chairs at a minimum cost. Last but not the least feature of Featherlite is the fastest repair and maintenance service provided.

If we talk about why Featherlite has considered one of the best office chair brands is because of 55 years of continuous operations in 62 locations in India with a production capacity of 30,000 chairs 8000 workstations and freehold ownership of 3 lakh square meter of land in India and 10,000 satisfied customers.

4. Green Soul

Best Office Chair Brands in India Green Soul
Green Soul Logo Best Office Chair Brands

Green Soul this brand mainly focuses on providing best seating solutions so that the back posture of a man remains straight only, its chairs are sold directly to customers and not retail and wholesale dealers, as a result, the overall price of the chair is always lower the other brand available in the market they also do expense on packaging material so the furniture may not get damaged while transporting.

The Unique selling point(USP) of this brand is that its chairs have gained positive reviews on by people from different work fields such as accountants, Doctors, IT Corporate professionals, etc. which have helped in building trust among customers.

The idea of incorporating Green Soul came one day when the founder ordered an office chair for his use and its delivery got delayed so he reached out to some furniture stores nearby but he has to pay more than the market price as he has an urgent requirement of the chair. after this day he decided to enter in furniture business line.

5. CellBell

Best Office Chair Brands in India CellBell
CellBell Logo Best Office Chair Brands

CellBell was started by two co-founders Pawan Dhemla and Chirag Dhemla both of them previously worked for a company but their job was not satisfying anymore and developed their own eCommerce Website to sell furniture from the day 1 they used high-quality raw material and tried to deliver only the best product to their clients.

6. Cello

Cello mainly sells plastic furniture and offers maximum durability the price range is much less than other leather chair brands in India.

Best Office Chair Brands in India Cello
Cello Logo Best Office Chair Brands

Cello supply a variety of plastic products such as water bottles, plastic stools, plastic table and chairs, Tiffins, Storage Containers, Glassware, Dinnerwares, and few other homes accessories. you should Visit cello main website to know about their all products.

The companies products are exported across the globe to the biggest retail outlets. with the vision of becoming India most preferred accessory brand at the affordable pricing policy

7. Pepperfry

Best Office Chair Brands in India Pepperfry
Pepperfry Logo

Pepperfry is an online eCommerce platform which sells home lifestyle-related products a separate department of furniture it was founded by two co-founders in the year 2012, the companies headquarter is situated at the financial capital of India (Mumbai)

The company’s goodwill can be measured as has more than 60 lakh registered users on the official website, maintaining supply in 500 cities of India, and 120 lakh, unique monthly online store visitors.

Pepperfry gives also gives furniture on rent to its clients who very shift from one city to another.

8. Nilkamal

Best Office Chair Brands in India Nilkamal
Nilkamal logo

Nilkamal is another name in the category of plastic furniture this company was established in 1981 by Mr. Vamanrai Parekh according to Wikipedia it is ” Asia’s largest processor of plastic molded products” with revenue of 21.9 billion rupees and apart from plastic furniture they also opened a bed mattress manufacturing unit in two cities Hosur and Dankuni and if you are searching for a best plastic chair for office than buy from their official

This brand is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and all its products are ISI Certified and are exported to 30 different countries, some of the company’s benchmarks are 1100 retail distributors, 8 manufacturing plants and 42 distribution ports in the country.

Conclusion: I hope this blog has provided you the best answer for your query “Best Office Chair Brands and if you think some information is missing let us know via email.

Author: Nikhil Soni

Last Updated: 1 May 2020 Time 06:12 PM

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