Burger Point Franchise Appling Process Simplified

Do you want to apply for a Burger Point Franchise? then you are reading the right blog following points are included in this

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1 About Burger Point
2 How to Apply Online in 2020
3 Contact Info
4 Costs Estimation-Preliminary Costs, Business Operational Costs
5 Burger Point Profit Margin
6 Restaurant Area
7 Staff Members Requirement
8 Training
9 Store In Indian States
10 Why Choose Burger Point Franchise?

About Burger Point

Burger Point is another fast-food franchise that started in 2010 by Sanjay Duggal his main business growth strategy was always listening to customer’s feedback, offering limited but affordable food items.


The brand also claims that all their food items are not pre-cooked or without freezing food raw material apart from this they prepare its own patties while maintaining all health safety measures. source

How to Apply Online for Burger Point Franchise in 2020

How-to-Apply-online in-2020
  • Step 1: First of all visit their official website
  • Step 2: After this click on “Franchise” on the top right of the page
  • Step 3: You have to then submit basic information like Name, Address, Contact No, E-mail, Message and click on SUBMIT Button
  • Step 4: Now you only have to wait at least 7 days for getting an inquiry revert.

Contact Info

Burger Point Contact-info
  • Address: 108, Part 2, Sector-15 Gurugram, Haryana, India
  • Phone: +91-9599827188 or +91-9871048700
  • Email: duggal786@yahoo.co.in

Burger Point Franchise Costs Estimation

Preliminary Costs

NoNameAmount in
1Rent 2 month’s advance deposit80,000
3Refrigerator 30,000
4Lights 10 pcs10,000
5Stove 3000
6Kitchen and serving utensils 7000
7Shop paint30,000
8Landline installation charges2000
9Internet Broadband installation2000
10Shop act registration2000
11GST registration 2000
12FSSAI registration5000
13Shop glow signboard25000
14Air Conditioner 35000
15Laptop 40,000
Total ₹4,30,000

Business Operational Costs

NoName Amount in
2Employee salary20000
3Electricity Bill 3000
4Landline Bill1000
5Internet Bill1000
6bun for making 200 burgers source2500
7Souse 500
8Vegetables 2000
9Mayonaise 600
10LPG Gas Cylinder1000
11Cleaning 2000
12Repair and maintenance 2000
Total 75,600
Grand Total₹5,05600

NOTE: The above cost estimation does not franchise fee of Burger Point because unavailability of information on any authentic source like the official website but you can find out by calling on the phone number in contact info paragraph above in this article.

Burger Point Profit Margin

Profit Margin

If we assume the store can generate monthly revenue of 5,00,000 and as a result, overall gross profit comes around 180,000 after paying all other operating charges the net profit which the franchisee earn is 1,05,000.

Total Sales600,000
Gross Profit180,000
Net Profit1,05,000
Break-Even Point Attaining Time Period4 to 5 months

Restaurant Area

Burger Point Restaurant-Area

As recommended by the brand itself the franchisee should have commercial space between 300 to 1000 square feet and it must be located near schools, colleges where young students can come easily.

Burger Point Franchise Staff Members Requirement

If you are personally managing the enterprise you may require two other trained cooking chefs and one for taking orders.


The team will give franchisees all types of basic training at the store for approximately 7 weeks with the certification also to help partners from any other work background apart from this one of the members from head office will visit the store frequently to guide ways to increase sales.

Burger Point Store In Indian States

Burger point  store states
Burger point store states

Apply for burger point franchise if your home is in the following Indian states Haryana, Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi. Source

Why Choose Burger Point Franchise?

  • A burger is one of the three fast food items which are consumed on daily basics in major Asian countries.
  • The advantage of any famous franchise is already marketed brand name in the mind of customers which provide sales boost since opening the store.
  • We can say that 10% to 15% increases in sales can achieve every consecutive year
  • But if we decide to open an ordinary burger shop only 2.5 lakh sales will be generated.
  • They will help in select shop location and negotiating with the landlord
  • The brand will itself Construct the store by their own known contractors and other persons.


I hope your question on how to get Burger Point Franchise in India is solved after reading this blog and if you want to ask any other thing just mail us.

Author: Nikhil Soni

Last Updated: 28 May 2020


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