Ekart Logistics Franchise Complete Guide -Cost, Space, Profit Margin Etc In 2020

Ekart Company Overview:

Do you want to apply for Ekart Logistics Franchise? if yes you are reading the right blog.

Ekart Company Overview
Ekart Logo

Since when online business came into the country The overall demand for logistics service has increased to three times and due to this it is one of the best business opportunity as transportation is the backbone of other business hence this industry will not face a recession in any condition

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10 Profitability

Ekart is a popular courier service providing company currently it can deliver goods at more than 3800 pin codes it was started by Flipkart the 2nd largest E-Commerce portal in India around 11 years ago as horizontal expansion according to the official website Cash on Delivery, In-a-day guarantee (50 cities), Same-day guarantee (13 cities).

Why you should apply for Ekart Logistics Franchise?

Franchisor Point Of View: The simple answer to this question is that from A setting up a courier office incur huge costs like Rent, Employee salary, and other computer accessories. so to fulfill, the demand for transport and avoid this fixed expense they offer franchise partnerships to interested parties

Why you should apply for Ekart Logistics Franchise?
Why you should apply for Ekart Logistics Franchise?

Franchisee Point Of View: These can take advantage of their user base and continuous business requirement with no marketing effort it can start delivering goods in the domestic locations of their home town

Type of Franchise

Ekart generally offers two types of franchise 1st standard and the 2nd is a master franchise the major difference is of investment and storage space only.

Pre Requirements Of Ekart Logistics Franchise

Franchise Cost

Ekart Logistics Franchise-Cost

The actual franchise fee is not disclosed so if we assume that we independently establish a courier firm it will cost around ₹2,00,000 to ₹3,00,000. but do not prefer borrowed capital at the initial stage.

Staff Required

Staff Required For Ekart Logistics Franchise
Staff Required

The maximum of 3-4 employees is required to be hired one for computer operations he must have basic education qualifications and three others should know how to ride a two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles must a driving license all must be given routine training before doing the job.

Documents Required:

The following is the list of documents for apply Ekart Logistics Franchise

Documents-Required For Ekart Logistics Franchise
  • Adhar Card or PAN Card (Permanent Account Number)
  • Office Documents such as Ownership Certificate, Rent/Lease Agreement
  • Demand Draft
  • GST Registration Certificate

Office Space Requirements

Office Space Requirements For Ekart Logistics Franchise
Office Space Requirements

just like any other courier firm a 400-500 sq ft godown is enough to apply for the franchise and if you have some own a property which is vacant and you are set up the office also there is no need to have a commercial space a house basement can also be used as an office but if you have to take it on rent that’s not a problem at all.

you can visit magicbricks or 99acerces to find the best office space.

Ekart Logistics Franchise Agreements Terms And Conditions

Ekart Logistics Franchise Agreements Terms And Conditions
Agreements Terms And Conditions

Ekart has its own franchise approval criteria but it is not publically disclosed. but it generally makes an agreement for 4 years after this the franchisee can easily renew it.

List of Equipment for running a local courier company

The following electrical machines are required to run the enterprise smoothly

List of Equipment for running a local courier company
List of Equipment for running a local courier company
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • and a high-speed internet connection from a local ISP Operator like Jio or Airtel etc.

Ekart Training

Ekart Training
Ekart Training

Ekart is always tried its best to deliver excellently transportation service so to maintain this they provide each and every type of training to its business partners with ultimately achieving organizational goals.


Profitability For Ekart Logistics Franchise

profit is generally derived from the following formula

profit= total sales- (fixed cost-variable cost)

Profit ₹240,000-₹142600= ₹97400 see below for more clarity

Let’s assume you are given only 100 shipments per day and 3000 in a month so each parcel is delivered for ₹80 than you will generate ₹2,40,000 revenue per month.

List Of Expenses To Run An Ekart Logistics Franchise In India

List Of Expenses To Run An Ekart LoList Of Expenses To Run An Ekart Logistics Franchise In Indiagistics Franchise In India
List Of Expenses
  • Office Rent ₹20,000
  • Electricity Bill ₹2000
  • Computer Staff Salary ₹15,000(1)
  • Delivery Boy’s Salary ₹10,000 * 3=₹30,000
  • Vehicle Patrol ₹7000 * 3 =₹21,000
  • Paper and printer cost ₹1200(paper) ₹1200 (Printer)= ₹2400
  • High-Speed Internet Charges ₹1200
  • Office Cleaning Expense ₹1000
  • Water camper for 30 days ₹500
  • Tea and Snacks ₹600
  • Bike or Tampo repair and maintenance ₹2000
  • Telephone Bill ₹1200
  • GST rate on Logistics services is 18% source so if the turnover is ₹2,40,000 the GST will be ₹43200
  • Accountant Fee ₹2500
  • Total Expenses ₹142600


Winding Up:

We can say from the above calculation that starting an Ekart Logistics Franchise is a good idea and you only have to fulfill the above requirements to start your money-making journey that’s all from my side if you have any doubts feel free to ask us in the comment section.

Author: Nikhil Soni

Last Updated: 17 May 2020 Time 4:40 PM

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