How To Be An Accountant

How To Be An Accountant

How To Be An Accountant is the topic of today’s blog and we will answer this

History Of Accounts

History Of Accounting (A Look In The Past)

  1. This Occupation is available from 7 thousand years till now.
  2. From the time of Mauryan Empire, the best economist of India Chanakya in his famous book called Chanakya Neeti Covered a few points regarding Accountancy.
  3. Luka Pacioli is known as the father of accounting and Developed Double Entry System of Book Keeping in Italy.
  4. Scotland is the originating country of modern accountancy.
  5. At that time accountants and lawyers, both were considered in the same category.
  6. The ancient evidence of accountancy was found in Mesopotamia.

Information Source Wikipedia

Accountant Earning Case Study

Phase 1My Brother Story Telling

Before starting this blog let me tell you an interesting story few days ago my brother narrated me an incident that in the year 2011 he completed his graduation from SS Jain Subodh College affiliated to Rajasthan University in this time he moved towards becoming a Certified Personal Accountant and on the other hand his fellow friend Jay started his career of becoming a Chartered Accountant.

Phase 2College Reunion

Both met after 5 years in 2016 at a college reunion function their lives changed in such a manner my brother was managing accounts  of various small business and earning around 70,000₹ per month and his friend Jay cleared CA 3 years ago started his own firm and under him few accountants of intern level were working he managed to generate 150,000₹ per month but he has to pay 15,000₹ to each of them and other expenses  amounting to 10,000₹ after all this he was earning around 70,000₹ per month.


In both the situation you can observe that every field is different but its returns depend on your efforts only”.

So let’s have a look what we are going to in this blog and scroll down to the summary.

How to Be An Accountant Steps

Complete your Senior Secondary Education from Commerce Stream

Commerce Stream School

This is the first step in preparing for your accounting career you have to study Five subjects in class 11 and 12.

Subjects  List

  1. English Core
  2. Accountancy
  3. B.S.T Business Studies
  4. Economics
  5. or Anyone optional Subject depending upon the school (As per CBSE Board) you have to clear class 12 with minimum 33% Marks out of 100.

Pick BCom/BBA and Get Bachelors DegreeBCom/BBA

After Clearing Class 12 Get Admission for B.Com/BBA in a decent  College affiliated to renowned University Say “Rajasthan University” and after 3 consecutive years of passing  you get a bachelor’s degree and a depth knowledge of Commerce and elements The plus point for you is that around 60%, of Course, is the same of class 12 in major subjects.

LearTally For GSTn Tally 9.0

Apart from the traditional accountancy used from 1980 to 2000 all the techniques have become obsolete so get ready to learn the new and advanced methods of accounts.

Due Demonetisation, GST in India the work of accountants have been increased as all business owners and companies now need to submit monthly GST Report to a government so you need worry of the job.

You can master Tally  9.0 from various YouTube Channels and Even Join crash courses available near you

Recently another software Quick Books can also be used. But both are paid software. where Tally costs around  ₹17,000 INR and Quick Books is for ₹2500 INR as per Amazon India and Official Website of Quick BooksQuickBooks Logo

Apply for an Internship Under a Chartered Accountant

In 2019 this is very difficult to clear CA (chartered accountant and you must the patience and training to be a CA but if you have done  apply than apply for the internship of junior accountant under him.

Approach small business owners from different marketing waysApproch Diffrent Business Owners

According to the census held in 2011 around 125 crore population in India and 51 million small owners who may require a personal accountant you can use various online job portals like internshalla, indeed to apply or use traditional marketing to get the job but keep a thing in notice they are employing only because of the expertise or your knowledge so if you have the basic theoretical knowledge this will be hard to get appointed as there is a great chance of error so I recommend  you do not miss the above step.

Enhance Your Portfolio And Move To Big Cities

In the metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai units of MNC’s have been established although this is increasing at a fast and rapid rate due to more literacy the people are well educated and qualified candidate is trained in best working environment as a plus point they are paid higher salary as compared to any city.

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