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1 Lenskart Brand Overview
2 Lenskart Franchise Cost
3 Lenskart Profit Calculation
4 Shop Area And Its Type
5 Staff For Lenskart Store
6 Training
7 How To Apply For Lenskart Franchise Online In India?
8Lenskart Franchise YouTube Video
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Lenskart Brand Overview

Lenskart is an India based optical eyewear retail chain it has successfully expanded to 500 stores in 70 cities, it was founded in 2010 by Amit Chaudhary, Peyush Bansal, and Sumeet Kapahi the current net worth of the firm is around ₹113,54,47,50,000 as of December 2019, according to Wikipedia.


the company’s manufacturing unit in Delhi is capable of producing 3,00,000 frames in months, for marketing purposes famous Bollywood and YouTube celebrities like Katrina Kaif and Bhuvan Bam are their brand ambassadors and it is planning to become the unicorn firm.

it has managed to capture both online and offline markets to sell their products.

Lenskart Franchise Cost

An individual who wants to start a Leskart Franchise must need to invest approximately ₹20,00,000 Source in 2020

 Lenskart Franchise Cost
Lenskart Franchise Cost

The following is the detailed Leskart Franchise Costs analysis report

  1. Showroom Rent-₹30,000 to ₹50,000 or shop purchase Cost ₹50,00,000 to 1,00,00,000 depanding on the situation of Franchisee.
  2. Shop Glowsigh board ₹25,000 to ₹35,000
  3. Shop Renovation Cost ₹250,000 to ₹3,00,000
  4. Staff Salary ₹10,000 each for 4 employees ₹40,000
  5. Eye Frames Stock ₹100 each according to me a stock of 500 frames must which will cost ₹50,000
  6. Eyeglass number testing machine ₹1,35,000 source
  7. Office Stationery ₹300 per month
  8. Electricity Bill ₹2000 to ₹4000 per month
  9. Computer/Laptop ₹40,000
  10. Printer ₹5,000
  11. A4 Size Sheets 1Packet ₹200 per month
  12. Air Conditioner ₹35,000 to ₹40,000
  13. Cleaning ₹1,000
  14. Accountant Fees ₹2500to ₹3000 per month
  15. GST on eyeglasses and frames is 18% on total sales for example if you make a revenue of ₹3,00,000 per month than you have to pay ₹54,000 per month Source
  16. Internet Charges ₹1,200 per month
  17. Telephone Charges ₹1,200
  18. Total Cost ₹7,59,900

Lenskart Profit Calculation

Lenskart Profit Calculation
Lenskart Profit Calculation

If we successfully generate sales of ₹3,00,000 per month and earn only 20% profit margin ₹60,000 then the break-even point will arrive after exactly 12.6 months of time than only operating expenses will be required to run the enterprise.

Lenskart Franchise Requirements

Shop Area And Its Type

Shop Area And Its Type
Shop Area And Its Type

A Commercially approved shop with area 300 to 500 square feet is enough to start an eyewear store the property should be in a good location so that a maximum number of customers can visit the store along with that there must be sufficient vehicle parking area. Lenskart store can be opened in a rented/leased or owned shop

Staff For Lenskart Store

Staff For Lenskart Store
Staff For Lenskart Store

For better Lenskart store management 2 to 4 trained staff members are enough all on them should be a good salesman with decent communication skills even must be able to understand various types of customers needs such which eye frame will be suitable for its customers hence this technique can be very helpful in sales results


Lenskart Training
Lenskart Training

Lenskart team will itself provide required training to the franchisee as well as its employees at the store which include sales teaching, Customer interaction guiding, marketing, and other operational work.

How To Apply For Lenskart Franchise Online In India?

How To Apply For Lenskart Franchise Online In India?
How To Apply For Lenskart Franchise Online In India?
  • Step 1: First of all we have to visit the official Lenskart Website
  • Step 2: Click on the Third Option “FRANCHISE”
  • Step 3: A Simple form will appear where we have to submit basic information such as Name, Email Id, Phone Number, and type of property.
  • Step 4: Now finally click on “SUBMIT”

You can also Call on this phone number for a franchise +91-9555510896

Send Franchise Request Email At beafranchise@lenskart.in ( Now Wait For 7 Working Days to get revert)

Winding Up:

Lenskart is making a bridge between seller and buyer by removing middlemen tradition even they give employment to around 4000 employees and the brand is well renowned which will ultimately help in boosting sales so you should shart your Lenskart Franchise without wasting any time also share your view on this topic that’s all from my side thanks for reading this blog.

Author: Nikhil Soni

Last Updated: 19 May 2020 Time 7:22 PM


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