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Welcome to my blog My name is Nikhil Soni I am a Blogger by Profession ,Entrepreneur and Business Scientist by Passion this is the 1st part of our Marketing Series I have explained the following topics in this blog

List Of Queries Resolved In This Blog

  • Marketing Meaning/Definition
  • Types Of Marketing
  • 7 P’s Of Marketing

Introduction Must Read Portion

Marketing Meaning this question is asked millions of times by people around the world and some expert marketers also answered but people only studied this in school, college and like you some of them searched this question on Google, in reality, they have not applied this greatest concept of business to increase sales I recommend that you take this concept very seriously and will assure you this blog will change your point of view regarding the real power of marketing

Marketing Meaning /Definition In Simple Words

Marketing can be defined when a seller is able to deliver goods or service to the final consumer while keeping 7 P’s Of Marketing

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Process
  • Physical Existence
  • People

An interesting fact of marketing is that if you approach your target audience say 1000 people by any means of communication for example direct meeting, phone call, print media or digital media the chances of the convention is 1-3 percent of total people marketed and finally 10-30 people will purchase from you. so before marketing any product keep this stat in mind

If you own a business and you are a marketing student then you must try at least 3 ways of marketing from the following.

  • Digital
  • Direct
  • Call Center
  • Print Media
  • Gorilla
  • Relationship
  • B2B
  • Content

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