Merwans Franchise Appling Process Simplified

Are you looking for the best bakery franchise opportunities? if yes then you should apply Merwans Franchise For a few decades, so many bakery are opening in different India and huge profits can be earned from it but before starting Bakery Shop, you must consider a number of things which are explained in detail below.

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1 Franchise Cost – Fixed Cost, Monthly
2Merwans Bakery Profit Calculation
3 How to Apply For Merwans Franchise Online in 2020
4 Bakery Shop Space
5 Manpower
6 Training
7 Advantage Of Choosing Merwans Franchise
8 History Of Merwans
9 Stores In Mumbai Area List
11Winding Up

Merwans Franchise Cost

Fixed Cost Investment

Cost NameIn ₹
Shop Renovation5,00,000
Shop Glowsigh board35,000
microwave oven12,000
FSSAI Registration5000
GST Registration2000
Health License3000
Accountant Charges3000
Total ₹6,15,000
Merwans Franchise Cost
Merwans Franchise Cost


Cost Name In ₹
Rent 6,00,000
Employees Salary for 6 months should be kept aside1,20,000
Raw Material for 6 months be kept aside6,00,000
Other compulsory readymade food items for 6 months be kept aside4,00,000
Internet Charges 1200
Cleaning 1500
Shop Electricity Bill 3000
Water Supply Charges 600
Accountant Charges 3000
Total ₹17,29,300
Cost Grand Total ₹23,45,000

NOTE: The above bakery cost report does not franchise fee of Merwans due to unavailability of authentic information source and the profit is calculated assuming that your business is profitable in the first month of operation and you don’t have used money keep aside for 6 months such as rent, raw material, employee salary, etc.

Merwans Profit Calculation

Gross Profit ₹200,000
Net Profit₹120700
Break-Even Point Time 5 to 6 Months

If one month estimated sales are around ₹5,00,000 and you earn a gross profit of ₹200,000 and after deducting monthly expenses ₹79,300 a net profit of ₹1,20,700 P.M then you may require 5 to 6 months to reach at the break-even point of fixed investment of ₹6,15,000 and remaining fund will be used as the current investment of your bakery

How to Apply For Merwans Franchise Online in 2020

How to Apply For Merwans Franchise Online in 2020
How to Apply For Merwans Franchise Online in 2020
  • To apply you only have to go to the official website of Merwans
  • and after that click on the top button of franchise
  • On the bottom right, a form download can be seen you just have to click on it
  • finally after filling the required information email this form to FRANCHISEE@MERWANS.CO.IN
  • But don’t forget to wait for at least 7 working days to get your franchise query revert and once this application is approved you can start making a profit from day one.

List Of Information To Be Filled In Franchise Application Form

  • Name
  • Address
  • State Name
  • Pin Code
  • Phone No
  • Fax No
  • Email
  • Current Occupation-Business/Service/Other

NOTE: Hence there are so many information we have not mentioned each of them you can refer in the downloaded form itself

Bakery Shop Space

You should predecided the best commercial space in the market where nearby residents live but the carpet area must be at least 650 to 700 square feet.

Bakery Manpower

Bakery Manpower
Bakery Manpower

Minimum of 3- 4 staff members are required to run Merwans bakery smoothly without only problems.

Bakery Training

Bakrery Training
Bakery Training

they are giving basic training to their franchise partners and Operating Manuals are issued to them so they can understand how this brand work. ultimately the first and foremost organizational goal should be achieved.

Advantage Of Choosing Merwans Franchise

If you live among three cities such as Mumbai, Thane or Pune then only you must apply for it franchise because the primary purpose of any type of franchise is brand popularity benefit is maximum.

Advantage Of Choosing Merwans Franchise
Advantage Of Choosing

Apart from this if you choose to open a local bakery shop from scratch then all the marketing costs are to be borne by you only which is approximately 10% to 15% of the total monthly revenue.

History Of Merwans

Merwans is 90 years old bakery and Confectionery brand which started its operations with only one shop and till now in 2020 they have opened 23 different stores in major areas of Mumbai and some areas of Pune also. I think the steps taken by top executives to expand were taken at the right time.

This brand was started by Mrs. D. K. Irani and Mr.K. M. Irani and initially, both tried their best to deliver unique and tasty food items to its customers.

History Of Merwans
History Of Merwans

After this Mr. Merwan Irani, started on the path shown by his parents marketed with full force and passion in the year to all people living in Mumbai 1972.

Mrs. B.M. Irani and Mr. M.K. Irani have developed some other new recipes which helped them in standing out in crowed as a plus the brand sell fresh and quality maintained bakery items at very reasonable price


Merwans Stores In Mumbai Area List

  • Malad (W)
  • Kandivali (E)
  • Andheri (W)
  • Borivali (W)
  • Mira Road (E)
  • Dadar (W)
  • Kandivali (W)
  • Vasai (W)
  • Chembur (E)
  • Virar (W)
  • Nallasopara
  • Mulund
  • Byculla
  • Parel
  • Dombivali
  • Kurla (W)
  • Charni Road
  • Colaba
  • Marol

Winding Up

That’s all from my side a detailed guide of how to get Merwans Franchise in 2020 I hope after reading this blog you are well satisfied and looking forward to starting your franchising journey from now and if want to ask us something related to this article mail us

Author: Nikhil Soni

Last Updated: 26 May 2020 Time: 12:40 PM

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