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Do you want to know How to get Mother Dairy Franchise in 2020? and queries related to that then you are reading the correct blog following is the table of contents covered briefly.

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1Franchise Cost – One Time, Monthly
2 Profit Calculation
3 Benefits Of owning a Mother Dairy Franchise In 2020
4 Dairy Location
6 Staff Requirements
7 Operations Area
8 Fulfilling Social Responsibility
9 About Mother Dairy
10Winding Up

Milk is consumed in each and every household on an average 2 to 3 liters of milk is purchased by them daily which mean one family of 5 members spend ₹4,230 in a month source so if only one dairy sell only 50 liters of milk daily they can generate revenue of ₹70500 in one month.

Mother Dairy Franchise Cost

There is no franchise cost information on any official source but it can be estimated by taking some assumptions into consideration which are mentioned below (excluding franchise fee)

One Time Costs

Expense Name Amount in ₹
Renovation 60,000
Milk stock cost 126,000
Other dairy products 1,00,000
Shop flex banner 5000
Refrigerator 15,000
FSSAI Registration Fees 5000 Source
Air Conditioner 35,000
Computer/Laptop 40,000
Total 3,86,000

Monthly Costs

Expense Name Amount in ₹
Shop rent 25,000 25,000
Employee Salary for 2 20,000
Electricity 3000
Drinking-Water 600
Cleaning 1000
Packaging Bags or Boxes 500
Accountant Fees 1500
Office Stationery300
Internet Charges1200
Total 53,100
Grand Total Of Expences4,39,100

NOTE: GST on dairy items ranges between 0% to 12% depending upon the product which you are selling source see for better clarification.

Profit Calculation

Mother Dairy Franchise Profit Calculation
Profit Calculation
Total Sales in ₹ 10,00,000
Gross Profit 1,00,000
Net Profit46,900
Break-Even Time Period 20 Months

Benefits Of owning a Mother Dairy Franchise In 2020

Benefits Of owning a Mother Dairy Franchise In 2020
  • From the time of mother dairy incorporation in 1974 they have tried to provide high-quality milk products to its customers.
  • The primary advantage of this franchise is pre marketed brand image in the mind of customers
  • Apart from this you also get supplies for some other daily products like cheese, butter, curd, ice cream, etc. which are demanded frequently at this type of shop.

Dairy Location

 Dairy Location
Dairy Location

You do not require to open a shop in the main market area it can be open near any residential housing society where more than 200 families live. but floor carpet area should be at least 500 square feet and corner shop with enough two-wheeler space outside the dairy.


Skill Mother Dairy Franchise

Mother Dairy’s biggest organizational goal is providing the best quality food items at an affordable price while maintaining nominal profit from operations. so they provide training to all their franchise at regular intervals of time as a result franchise will be able to run his enterprise in a better way.

Mother Dairy Franchise Staff Requirements

Mother Dairy Franchise Staff Requirements
Staff Requirements

As mentioned above only 2 trained members are sufficient to run a Mother Dairy Shop including the owner if he also works at the dairy. even he/she should be well trained to tackle customers as quickly as possible.

Operations Area

Mother Dairy has successfully expanded to the major Indian cities including.

India Map Business Acharya
India Map Business Acharya
  • Delhi
  • Jaipur
  • Ghaziabad
  • Pune
  • Mumbai
  • Hyderabad
  • Kanpur
  • Lucknow

Fulfilling Social Responsibility

Fulfilling Social Responsibility
Fulfilling Social Responsibility

As a responsible business entity, they are fulfilling social responsibility by providing employment opportunities to the poor villagers and purchasing milk directly from them and transporting to various franchise stores like yours.

About Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy is an Indian private limited company which sell milk and milk products it was founded in the year 1974 46 years ago currently they are making an annual revenue of ₹7000 Crores and holding manpower of 3500 employees


They have also introduced fruit and vegetable brand with the name Safal

The food processing plant of mother dairy at Bangalore which produces 23,000 megatonne fruit pulp and supply to other food processing companies like Pepsi, Nestle, and Coca-Cola. Source

Mother Dairy Franchise Video

Winding Up:

I hope you are satisfied after this blog and your curiosity to know how to apply for Mother Dairy Franchise is solved and let us know if you need some more information on this topic.

Author: Nikhil Soni

Last Updated: 24 May 2020 Time 8:31 PM

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