MRF Tyres Franchise Appling Process Simplified Costs, Requirements, Profit

Are you a vehicle enthusiast and want to convert this as a hobby as a full-time profession but not able to find a correct future pathway then you should apply for an MRF Tyre Franchise and start your entrepreneurial journey in this blog we have answered some queries related to this

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1 Why choose MRF
2 How to apply for Franchise – Online Offline
3 Requirements
4 Cost Of MRF Tyre Franchise
5 Profit Margin
6 About MRF
7 Business Model
8 Some Preliminary Adjustments

Why choose MRF as a Franchise?

With every technological advancement in automobile

The well-established brand name helps a common retailer generates revenue with easy efforts.

Secondly, there are very fewer chances of getting unsuccessfully because 5500 stores are already operating it is possible only when the majority of them are profitable.

MRF Logo
MRF Logo

Mainly its well knows for manufacturing strong and durable tire all commercial vehicles which cover 200 to 400 distance on a daily basis prefer MRF only.

It produces tires for cars, scooters, trucks, F1 cars, or any other type of vehicle with the latest technology.

So many famous celebrities have endorsed this brand like Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, etc.

How to apply for MRF Tyres Franchise

Online Process

  • Step 1: First of all go to the official Mrf website and then scroll down to the footer section 3rd option on the 2nd heading Business Opportunities click on it.
How to apply for MRF Tyres Franchise
How to apply
  • Step 2: A basic form will appear where the franchisee is required to share basic information like name, mobile no, email address, state, city Pincode, short message.
  • Step 3: And finally click on the Send button on the right side and wait for at least 7 business days to get revert.

Offline Process

Offline Process
Offline Process

Franchisee just have to go the regt head office of MRF Located at Chennai details are given below

  • Address: 124 Greams Road Chennai: 600006 Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Phone No: (44) 28292777.


  • Commercial Space between 500 to 4000 square feet
  • Employees 2 or more depending upon workload
  • Basic knowledge in the automobile industry
  • Minimum stock to operate the enterprise.

Cost Of MRF Tyre Franchise

similarly, like any other business idea, it can be started with only 18,00,000 to 20,00,000 but it does not mean that whole investment is required to be invested at one time you should keep 20% to 30% fund as a general reserve for contingencies which may occur in the first year.

Cost Of MRF Tyre Franchise
MRF Cost

Some of the recurring expenses such as rent, salary, electricity are to be borne each month.

and other fixed assets like furniture, lights, shop banner, etc.

MRF Tyre Franchise Profit Margin

MRF Tyre Franchise Profit Margin
MRF Profit Margin

A single tire for the car is sold approximately for 5000 and you managed to sell only 200 pieces in a month then you will make total sales of 10,00,000 with a net profit of 10% which will be around 80,000 to 1,00,000 per month than after 30 months will reach the break-even point.

About MRF

MRF is the biggest type brand in the Indian market holding 14th position across the globe it main produces four different products such as tyre, conveyor belts, tubes and rubber toys the company’s headquarters is in Chennai.

MRF full form is “Madras Tyre Factory” started by Mr. K. M. Mammen Mappillai 7 decades ago but you may be shocked to know it began tires after collaborating with Mansfield Tire & Rubber company in 1960 onwards.

About MRF
About MRF

After this MRF became the first corporate entity to supply tires to the United States from India.

Its Logo of a muscular man lifting a tire was designed in the year 1967 Currently some of the companies facts are such as annual sales ₹22,683.87 crores, Total assets ₹9,978.98 crores and a number of employees are 16,194 as per 2017 records. info source Wikipedia.

MRF Tyre Franchise Business Model

MRF Tyre Franchise Business Model
MRF Business Model

MRF has a simple B2B business model it supplies tire to car manufacturing factories located in the city and apart from this it also sells products to local garages where all types of the vehicle get repair and maintenance. and sometimes it establishes small workshops at various highways connecting two cities.

Some Preliminary Adjustments

MRF Franchise Preliminary Adjustments
Preliminary Adjustments
  • Rent or Lease Agreement
  • GST Registration
  • Shop Act Registration
  • Current Bank A/c
  • Internet Connection
  • Telephone Connection
  • Paytm and other UPI Payments Integration


I hope the future course of action required to start an MRF Tyre Franchise is well clear now so without wasting any time began the business establishment process once you became profitable let us know as we can share your success story with our reader.

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