Side Business For Students In India Top 10 in 2018

One of the best side Business for Students

Intro-Side Business for Students in India

Side business for students in India as most of the students have some sort of creativity, skills, will to change the word if you are a student then you can opt for some side business idea and as all we know doing only one business/profession/ job  is not enough to fulfill the needs of the family so you have to do two things together so if you are a student  and wanted to earn some extra money then try these side business. 

GRAPHIC DESIGN-Side Business for Students in India

Graphic design If you have some interest in photos, logos, banner greeting cards or you have basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop so this is the right skill to master now you will be able to make money by designing different type of images and by working for a business owner or Photographer through providing them a helping hand to edit and make professional photos and as you all know this is a time of digitization and everybody is on the web. and all the students can make money by using this side business for students in India.


At least ninety percent of students use smartphones in India and they all require their phones to be kept safe so the only option left is to buy a decent mobile cover for their mobile so you can start selling mobile cover either on Amazon,Flipkart sell them on your eCommerce website you only have to purchase blank cover and a machine to print those prints and your cover can reach anybody across the globe by approaching a door shipping company example ecom ,FedEx etc it is one of the best side business for students in India and every person with limited funds can start this business.

INSTAGRAM MARKETING BUSINESS- Side Business for Students in India

If you have a vast amount of Instagram followers list in your account any type of business firms owners can approach you directly or you can approach  the business owners will pay you by giving their name and backlink in your post you can earn around 500$-2000$ per month if your marketing skills are excellent it is a great opportunity of for you guys. any youngster can start earning if he/she opts for these side business for students in India and make cash instantly.


According to me all youth can entertain by creating entertainment  videos related to different topics example comedy, mysterious fiction short films , documentary biopic on historical events according to the interest of the audience and can earn money if your videos can reach the potential audience you can charge money for putting ads on them of and it has become a decent side business for students in India and can be a source of income with less amount of investment.

COMMISSION BASED SALESPERSON-Side Business for Students in India

it is the best side business for students in India as It is assumed that most of the students have an extrovert nature and can communicate very quickly so if the person reading my post is a student then this is an excellent side business idea for you if you can reach the potential buyers then you can become a commission based salesperson  for a business of selling product or service and ultimately if you can sell something so you will be given commission based upon a certain percentage of price of the product.


Massive amount of  work can be done  for website example content writing ,template creating copyright images data entry etc a student have only have to the work from home on his PC or laptop and after compilation of you have to submit that on Fiverr and if your work is found correctly done having no adjustment required then you will be paid directly to your bank or Paytm account.

BE A INSURANCE AGENT-Side Business for Students

If you  wanted a passive income then becoming an insurance agent is an excellent job for students only have to be a bachelor of finance students have to give a state insurance agent exam and after clearing that they can get a job in an insurance  company and they will get a certain percentage of premium amount as commission once they have sold the policy to someone their passive income starts.


It is mainly for the students who have some knowledge of different coding platforms example java, python c++etc students can create custom software for clients, for example, a jewelry stock management software once created can be sold to different jewelry store owners by making few adjustments in the software according to the client requirement.

T-SHIRT BUSINESS-Side Business for Students in India

If you wanted to start  a business with very less investment then the t-shirt printing business is a good option for you  only  Business have to buy a printing machine and t-shirt of all colors,size made up of polyester material and by uploading the photos of different type of t-shirt on your own website/other eCommerce website example Flipkart, Amazon etc.

This is a time of digital existence the traditional marketing today everybody wants to be number one on google search so in the upcoming years the demand for digital marketing expert is going to be increased in future.

So if you are a student then becoming a digital marketing expert  is best idea they only have to do three things 1-keyword research,2-on page SEO(search engine optimization),3-off page SEO(link building) on high domain authority sites example google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook etc I will be a great side business for students in India.


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